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Text for Page 109 [09-02-1859]

it true she�d never be troubled by such
humiliating dread.            God bless the girl and
all three of them.   How I do like them!
  3.  Saturday.   Drawing Pic big cut &c.
Down town in the afternoon, to Pic & Courier Of-
fice, proof-correcting &c.     Drawing at night.
Exceedingly and engrossingly busy.  No chance for
[phonography]; � shelved again.
  4.  Sunday.  To 16th St, and with Jack Ed-
wards and Haney took a boat.  Rowed to Weehawk-
en, lager, return, dinner with Haney.   Pounden
p�re at table, looking sleekly odious.  Miss Weaver
�taking notice� extensively of Rawson Gill.   That un-
fortunately-constituted youth after a brief interval
of employment, is loafing again, mother still at Nia-
gara.             In Haney�s room.     Jack off.   Haney
with me to Bleecker St.   Off by 5 for Philadelphia.
I to Chapin�s, the church reopening this day.
Then to Edwards�.     Only the family present, no
visitors, for a marvel.        Little Nast has declared
he shall come but once a week.    He and Wells
have joined Ottignons and are �going in� gymnasti-
cally.           Considerable abuse of Fanny Fern this
  5.  Monday. One drawing on wood.  Resting; doing chores and some
work.  Out in the afternoon, down town.
  6.  Tuesday.   Writing &c.  Down town in the
afternoon, returning with Morris.  Met Sally and               
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