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Text for Page 110 [09-06-1859]

Matty.         Found Haney in my room,
just back from Philadelphia.  To Edwards�
by 9 or half an hour earlier.   Got to writing
scraps of sense and nonsense with the girls,
keeping up a brisk fire with all three of them.
Presently Matty and Eliza sung at the piano.
  �� I mustn�t go there so often.  I�m too happy
there.   I�m getting to feel lonely when I stay
away.           Haney had a sort of explanation
with Matty.  She is more downright and simple-
natured than the others; wants fair play and
doesn�t shrink from explanations, not thinking
what they may lead to.        Walked home with
Haney, and for half an hour about the past
midnight streets afterwards.
  7.  Wednesay.   Down town by noon.  Got my
$5 at Courier Office, where I met Haney.  To
Pic, to Nic-nax office where I saw Dunn English.
Met Gayler, Smith (of the Courier,) Cahill,
Shepherd and John Wood at Crook and Duff�s.
Up town with Shepherd.     Mrs Lee, Mrs
Wall�s sister at dinner.      Working till midnight
and past it, writing hard and once drawing.
  8.  Thursday.   Writing and drawing till din-
ner.   Haney up.   Down town to Pic Office, return-
ing with Cahill. (He wouldn�t walk on the crowded
side of the way, fearing meeting the Edwards girls.)
He met their mother the other day and says he               
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