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Text for Page 111 [09-08-1859]

felt like a thief.         Cahill up in my room
in the evening.     I at work till 11.
  9.  Friday.  Writing all day till 1 A. M.  Cou-
rier article.  Only out for twenty minutes, in Washing-
ton square, having a pipe with Morris.
  10.  Saturday.   Writing till noon.  Down town, hit-
her and thither, Courier, Carrington�s, Pic and Post
Offices, dining at Goslings at 3, then to Bowery, anon
back to Bleecker, used up, nervous, headachy, ill.
Drawing big Pic cut at night.        Cahill in Bob Gun�s
room, which is now that (or those) once occupied by
Leslie.   Drinking hock till midnight.   When Cahill
left he � as we learnt afterwards � went to the tavern.
  11.  Sunday.   Some drawing, nursing headache
and reading Adam Bede the rest of the day.   After
tea to 16th St.   Out with Haney, met Nast in
Union Square.     Left them at Edwards�, I to
Chapin�s, who didn�t preach, his place being sup-
plied by Starr King of Boston.    Frank Hillard and
his wife accosted me on quitting, walked with them
as far as Edwards.              Serrell and young Honey-
well there in addition to Haney and Nast.   Honey
well near Matty, Nast adjacent to Sally.   Nast�s
portraits of the girls on table � only Sally�s done
decently, Matty�s very poor.     Haney got to reading
Eliza�s �themes� written two years ago, I talked
to Matty and a little to Sally.          Violent rain storm
with thunder and lightning.    That passing we all               
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