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Text for Page 112 [09-11-1859]

left.     Haney walked home with me, had
a pipe, a glass of smoke, and a talk.  Of
course it was about � the girls.                Did
I put down that Cahill had suspected me of having
told of him �to Mrs Edwards?  I think yes, but
not this.    That when Mort Thomson went off to
report the Slave sale, down south, he left a bill for
some $20 or so to be collected by Cahill.   He
did it � and spent it!       I dare say he justified
the act to himself by his being writing for Mort &c.
He did a similar thing, of smaller amount, to Bob
Gun some months ago, previous to their coolness.
  12.  Monday.  Down town by noon, to Courier
& Century Offices.   Gibbons wants me to go to West
Point to report a review there to be held.       Hither
and thither.   Met, was recognized by and recog-
nized one Louis Schreiner a fellow passenger
across the Atlantic, aboard the Wenham, ten years
ago.  Had a glass of Rhine wine with him.  He mar-
ried, living in Hoboken.   Hither and thither.  Up
town.  Writing till 11 or later.
  13.  Tuesday.  Down town in the morning, at
work drawing and writing all the rest of the day.
Don�t recollect items.   Courier article.
  14.  Wednesday.  Gibbons called, wanting me to
start for West Point immediately.  Butled about;
down town, saw Smith and Haney and the Cou-
rier office (by the way I met Picton there on               
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