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Text for Page 114 [09-17-1859]

till past midnight.
  17.  Sunday.  Lovely day.  Finished Scal-
pel article by 4 P. M and took it to Dixon�s,
then to 16th St.     Haney out of town on a fish-
ing excursion of some days duration with Smith of
the Courier.     To Frank Hillards�.   Oliver in
Boston.     Out with Frank and his little girl to
Madison Square.    Tea.     I to Chapin�s; thence
to Edwards.    Knudsen there and George Edwards.
The girls had been to Brooklyn, to hear Beecher
this morning, which in addition to a Central Park
ramble in the afternoon had tired out Matty, so
she had gone to bed.   Talk with Sally and Eliza.
Haney has been at the house every day during the
past week, Nast also, almost.          The Califor-
nian, whats his name has written a stupid acros-
tic to Sally and otherwise declared himself.   Sally,
like Rosa Dartle �wanting to know� the several
little games of the visitors.   I can�t tell her much;
wouldn�t do.     Stopped till 11.          Query. May
not Haney have some latent squinting towards
Eliza?     She has the most character, the finest
intellectual face of the three and in a year or
two ���.  He may be able to take a wife then.
He was piqued at her goings on with Nast, at
Grafton and resented them considerably.  Little
Nast is now attentive to Eliza, comes and sings
with her etc.          Wells has let his moustaches               
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