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Text for Page 116 [09-17-1859]

spoke slightingly of Sunday papers, would
consider it infra dig to appear in such.   Yet
he took Smith a �pome� to�ther day (the subject
of which I had suggested) and wanted $10
for it, which he didn�t get.    Furthermore
he consulted me about a chance of doing a
series on the terms I get.   He has been to the
Century, also.    I don�t object to any of this and
would willingly help him but I do admire to
see him expecting to walk pleasantly over the course
when others � as good and better men than himself �
have had to sweat long and painfully for it,
to contest the ground inch by inch.     When he
edited the Pic he thought it quite a severe week�s
labor.     I do that, thrice as well as he did,
supply the whole of the drawings to the paper,
write a Courier article, and maybe others, all
in the same time and that without howling about
it.   Rot that twopenny ha�penny gentility drawn
mild that prinks itself into standing aloof
from the free fight of journalism where a man
is estimated by what�s in him, say I.     Still
I like Morris, though I often get impatient
with him.                  Cahill has been going on
much as usual, happily not getting turned out
of his boarding-house.     He has slept once or
twice on the sofa in Bob Gun�s room, always
gets drunk when the occasion offer and, I               
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