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Text for Page 117 [09-17-1859]

think, don�t do his money�s worth on the Pic.
  18.  Monday.  Down town all the morning. To
Carrington�s, sold cut and article, Post Ofice,
Century, Pic.   Little Shepherd back.    He has been
writing a story in the �Sun� about putting O�Brien
in it.    Up town per cars.     Writing till Midnight,
West Point article for the Century.
  19.  Tuesday.   Writing till 3, then to Century
with copy, per omnibus through the rain.   Found
Bob Gun and Cahill, with Shepherd at the Pic
Office, the two latter drunk.   Shepherd off again
for the country.   Up town.   Did no more writing
than the last four pages this evening.
  20.  Wednesday.  Down town, hither and thither.
Saw Smith at the Courier Office; he and Haney
back to-day from their Rhode Island fishing joint.
Century Office to correct proof; Pic, do.    To W.
Leslie�s.   Up town per cars.    Haney came up after
dinner,  Details about conference with Mrs Levi-
son, at her present place of residence in Houston
St.    She full of the meanest distrusts and sus-
picions at Haney�s starting the �Comic Monthly�
on his own hook, provoked him sometime back, to
taking steps towards dissolving their �Nic nax� part-
nership.    She agreed to buy him out for $5000
� a good price.   With this object and the money
she came on from Philadelphia, determined to
edit �Nic-nax� herself.   Tousey, Haney and Mrs               
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