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Text for Page 118 [09-19-1859]

Levison�s agent (while she was abroad) were
present.    The latter with Tousey (who doubtless
preferred dealing with Haney to the inevitable infinity
of annoyance awaiting him with Mrs L) persuaded
the woman of her intention.    So things go on again,
until she breaks out again.   Haney observed that she
wore deeper mourning than he had been accustomed to
see her in.     Doing the widow business.            He
stayed till 5, dozing on my bed.     We met again at
7 at Edwards, all being bent on the theatre, spite
of the miserably rainy night.    Sally, Matty, Eliza,
Jack, Wells, Nast, Honeywell, myself and Haney
were the party. (Miss Ann Edwards, here on a visit
from Norfolk Va. didn�t show.)     To Bourcicault�s
�Winter Garden� to see �Dor.�      Trash! of the stage
stagy.    I sat �twixt Eliza and Matty, Honeywell
in front of the latter, Haney by Sally, with Wells on
to�ther side of her, Nast beside Eliza.             Matty
has given Honeywell his walking papers.  Poor Charley!
He takes it very well though.     Munroe is making
an ass of himself generally with all three of the
girls.    A damp walk home.
  21.  Thursday.  Drawing all the drenching day.
  22.  Friday.  Writing Courier article &c.  Out in
the morning.    Dixon up, with $15.
  23.  Saturday.  Rode down town.  To P. O.  Century,
Pic and Courier Offices.   Found Picton at the for-
mer.    Hither and thither.   Down town again after               
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