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Text for Page 119 [09-23-1859]

dinner, to Century & Courier Offices.    Retur-
ning up the Bowery met Wurzbach.     Overtook Bel-
lew in Broadway and was addressed by Warne (whom
I met in Rochester) in Bleecker St.         A busy but
very exhaustive week.
  24.  Sunday.  Drawing etc.   Bellew came by
5.    With him to 16th St, Haney out; down Broad-
way, to Haney�s, where I left Bellew at 8 and went
to Chapins.   Thence to Edwards�.    Mis Ann there,
Honeywell and Haney.     Latter had been to Parton�s,
supping there, with all of them.
  25.  Monday.  Drawing a lot of things for the
�Phinny Phellow� of Smith & Street.     I had an inter-
view with the former (�Tom Frank� � the �Ten-Pin Boy�
of the old Sachem & Era) on Saturday.   Down town
at Sunset.   Pic Office.   Cahill, Gun, and John
Seymour (brother to him of the Times) there.   I knew
him in the Lantern days.   Says he has been living 
in Toronto for the past two years, is married, has
three children.      Up town.  Working till 11 or later.
  Haney and Smith (of the Courier) are going to start
a new weekly magazine.

  October 17.   I have perforce got horribly in
arrears with this, my Diary, not without good
reasons for the omission.    At the above date, or
rather the 18th, for it must be past 12 P. M.               
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