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Text for Page 121 [10-17-1859]

much.   Had indeed to take back that amount
of work which had been assigned to me, as not even
working myself into a brain fever could have comple-
ted it by the time required.                Everything but
work has gone to the wall.   Even Hannah�s dear
letter remained unanswered for three weeks.  Yet
I never loved her better or to more practical
purpose.   I was putting my affection into endeavor,
as I well know.    A week ago I wrote to her.
  October 26.  Another gap, and for the
same reason.     Here�s to secure some Items,
many having drifted past, irrecoverably.
  I have kept to my work steadily.  Sometimes
it proves rather exhaustive, sometimes I exult in
and enjoy it.   A rush down town, or a half-
evening�s loafing is a great holiday.   I have contri-
ved to score up arrears of letters, to put aside
some $50 in bank, to indulge in sundry com-
fort-luxuries in the way of dress, to systemize
labor &c.     Only Phonography and Diary has
gone to the wall, the which I regret.   But
after a heavy day�s work, sometimes running into
midnight, I can�t attempt either.   So much
individually.  Now for others.   Let me go back
  Some days, perhaps less, perhaps more than
a week after I dropped daily diarizing I got               
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