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Text for Page 122 [10-26-1859]

this letter from Haney.    He had left
it at the Pic Office, fetched it away again,
and I obtained it from Thatcher, next mor-
ning at the Nic-nax Office.    It is written on a
circular headed �Fun for the Million.�
  �My dear Tom �
		    Sally gave me a firm but
gentle quietus on Sunday.  She did it very
kindly and very delicately, and as I had
made up my mind to it some time before I am
a good deal better than could be expected under
such circumstances.   What I want to ask of you
is not to allude lovers (sic) and their affairs
generally in our circle for some time.   I think
it gives them pain and am not quite sure
of myself.     I say them, for I think Mattie
is Sallie�s confidante in this business.
			    Yours very sincerely
				J. C. Haney. �
  That Sunday evening (it must have been
the first of October)   I had dropped in at the
house, as usual.   I remember Haney hanging
his head, but as I walked home with him, no-
thing transpired of what had occurred.   His
letter is dated �Tuesday morning �; I got it on
Wednesday.    Oddly enough, when Cahill told me
of Haney�s having left and fetched away the let-
ter, I conceived some impression that it contained               
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