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Text for Page 124 [10-26-1859]

too much towards them.  Knowing them
from infancy, catering for their amusements,
and being general fac-totum produced this.
But when fresh faces came in, and different sorts
of incense was offered on the girls� altars, this
was hardly politic.         Though I sympathized
keenly with Haney, more I suppose than he gave
me credit for, on thinking it over I came to the
conclusion that Sally�s right.     It�s not well to
let mi-lord ride over the course uncontested.  All
of us are overprone to slight too easy winnings.   I
hope the girl will be his wife, and believe it yet.
He was a good deal hit yesterday, hinted that
he had got drunk � unsentimental enough, but
what many men do and will do for all time.
Sally has come clearly out of the trial of rival
wooers, I never knew a girl who got less damage
to her nature from it.   Nearly all of them sink
amiability in it, that amiability which is as
much a matter of youth and habit as a real
characteristic.     Haney says he introduced the
other fellows that the girls might have choice. I
had thought that with an addenda � that their
mother naturally wanted �em to find husbands
on this side of the American continent, to avoid
their sisters� fate, transportation to California
with that object.        I told Haney I had sus-
pected him of a wish not to have my company               
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