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Text for Page 127 [11-13-1859]

Damoreau, nee Pradeux.   She has no
idea of lowering her estimate of her allowance
of carrion, and doubtless scorns him if he
can�t purvey it.   He is evidently anxious on the
score and works pretty hard, confessedly en-
joying, however, his temporary bachelorhood.  I
was with him at Honey�s tavern, Cahill with
us, one night, when he admitted this, trying
subsequently to believe that all married life was
more or less a disappointment.   He evidently knows
the woman�s nature and in part his own; his
shoulders are fitted to the burthen.    He came to
visit me, for no other reason than that he was
hard-up for places to drop in at; has since
found Bob Gun�s room so attractive on his way
up stairs, that he�s journeyed no higher.   They
play cards pretty constantly there, drink a good
deal of whiskey and talk after the manner
that Don Matthias, Gil Blas� master found so
delightful.   I was pleased to see Charley, but
we are now in no false relations; I have got
the upper hand and mean to keep it.   At first
he was here frequently, now, infrequently.
I helped him to find Ware, the little, slow,
Bostonian whom he billeted on me a year ago;
first by letting him put a paragraph in the
Pic, next by sending him to Frank Hillard,
who knew Ware�s address.     Charley likes his               
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