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Text for Page 128 [11-13-1859]

nocturnal game at billiards and his beer;
makes a jocular parade of economic meanness
about shilling and sixpenny expenditures which,
I think, runs into fact.   Here�s the testimony
of one who dislikes him and who never took too
amiable views of anybody: I mean Alf Waud.
(Anon I�ll admit Damoreau�s sentiments as
to Alf.)    �Damoreau� (Alf is writing before
Charley�s arrival in New York) �still wears
the clothes he wore before he was married, they
are dreadfully old-fashioned but shiny.   He
is now in partnership with Dan Smith, the
meanest man in Boston, having made a pre-
carious existence for some time, by taking boys
with premiums, on pretence of making designers
of them, and kicking them out at the end of the
first year as incapables.� I got another let-
ter from Alf, since Damoreau left Boston,
commenting still more severely on him, but
have mislaid it.   Alf never seems to reflect that
he himself is scarcely richer, if at all than Da-
moreau.   The latter says that Alf is not popu-
lar, that his unsparing condemnation of people don�t 
pay, that he�ll get no more work from Gleason &c
&c.    He has but few intimates saving Hayes.
Charley consorts with Will a good deal, ranks him
higher than his brother, wherein I emphatically dif-
fer.   Will does the heavy swell in his way, has               
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