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Text for Page 132 [11-13-1859]

and dangerous, unless on the surest
grounds, have produced the determination
which Haney at first respected but now
distrusts.     He thinks he may have been weighed
in the balance against others, and doubts Sally�s 
capacity for affection.  The girl is not happy; 
would, he thinks, have accepted him once or twice
since her rejection, had he asked.   Talking
with her one night, which I propose to write
more of subsequently, she pointed out a pas-
sage in �Vanity Fair� to me, where it is as-
serted that a m woman, if not hump-backed
can marry any mans she chooses, asking me if
I thought it true.         I told her yes, of the
majority, who take up matrimony as Falstaff
says Colvill did treason, �because it lay in the
way and he found it,� and sometimes of others
barring one thing.     �When he loves � of �has
been in love with�   (I didn�t catch which) �another,�
said Sally.    She took the meaning instantly.
  Now for Mort�s lecture.  Subject �Pluck,�
rhyme of his usual sort, �Doestickian�, and
most of the couplets desperate candidates for the
ortheopedic hospital.   I, Haney and Matt went
together, Nast and Jack doing dead-head in ano-
ther part of the hall, little Thomas� modesty
deterrming him from taking a seat in the plat-
form with the presenters.   Jim Parton, Grace               
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