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Text for Page 135 [11-13-1859]

personal experience, issuing them raw, af-
ter the Americna fashion.     Jim Parton once
thought Haney might be looking Grace-wards
and warned him by the assertion that the man
who married her would have just the same
wretched experience as he had with her mother.
Haney repudiates all ideas of the sort, candidly, as
I think.    Indeed if his resolution to choose Sally
dates as far back as our Catskill holidays, as
she says, Grace might well be looked upon
with preoccupied eyes.      Haney�s present soreness
and suspicion may make him see more in these
things than he would have done ordinarily.   He
doesn�t love Nast any better and though I can
study these developments coolly enough, I
justify Haney.    Little, chubby, ignorant, good-
humored, selfish, uncultured Nast!  I do by
no means admire your indecent haste in �flop-
ping� as it were, at Sally�s feet, directly you
found yourself among the woods and rocks of
Grafton Centre!     It�ll do your pudgy, appro-
bative, short-necked soul no harm, this disap-
pointment.              Haney had introduced him to
the house so recently, he himself, with all his
good nature, is such an inferior style of American-
ized German, that it behooved him to wait a
while, to summon up a little modesty, not to
adopt the ball-at-a-gate style, as though he               
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