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Text for Page 136 [11-13-1859]

were wooing a waitress in a Lager Bier
Saloon.     Respect for Haney, if Nast was una-
aware of his claims (which I doubt, for he is
an intimate at the Thomsons�, and they suspect-
ted Haney�s liking for Sally, long ago, and
doubtless talk it over) might have taught
Nast better, if there were any teaching him.
But how little of generosity and fair play is
shown by those wiser than Nast in the passion.
Matty in her limited way, I think, resents
this competition for her less pretty sister, while
she herself has only young Honeywell playing
suitor, whose intellect she can�t rate highly,
let him be ever so �goodnatured� a Charley.  I
believe she is Sally�s confidante, (though Haney
is not sure of this) as, also, that she would
esteem persistence and further wooing after a
rejection, a meanness.    Haney is a little grati-
fied by this, as I can see.     Matty is of a
simpler, straighter, less complex nature than
her sister: her notion of lovemaking would be,
say what you want and get your answer sans
refinements.    No very strong intentions underlie
her actions; she is best behoved when you
don�t let her perceive that you are over sensitive
about her regard.   Neither of these girls are
easy at heart; they want to love and to be loved
worthily, as all women do.     Sally talks about               
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