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Text for Page 137 [11-13-1859]

not being married at all &c and Matty,
knowing that she is pretty, resents being remin-
ded of it, when the only fair, open bidder for
her is Charley Honeywell.          �All men love
all women!� a true proposition.   God bless
these girls, all three of them.    Secure in the
love of mine own dear womanly Hannah, I can
look on sympathizingly, but calmly at all of these
doings.     How they will read to me in years
to come.     I wonder how much of unconscious
error I have put down in this Record.   Did
any one of those of whom I write keep the same
how different would things show to them, how
much that I cannot come at, that I never hear
would be made plain.   Getting at truth, like
telling truth is one of the hardest of matters.
I endeavor to secure it by multiplicity of many-
sided statement, but must inevitably commit
  November 22.   Tuesday night.     I am
off the Century, having done about two columns
per week steadily, for my weekly $10 till the present
time.  Gibbons told me my predecessor had retur-
ned, he �had claims upon them� &c, professed,
as indeed he might fairly do, satisfaction.
with my capacity, suggesting future possibilities.
At first I felt glad of a little respite from
rather too exhaustive labor.   I have worked al-               
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