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Text for Page 042 [01-24-1851]

              Evans at Holts, (where we found Smith O�Brien Fogarty and Tom Scott
sitting in the spitting room, ( and I parted with Mr Hart and Dillon at
the Ferry, and returned back to Canal, up Broadway.
  25.  Saturday.  Waited till 11, expecting the arrival of Mr Hart,
then to 14th pier, East River, and aboard the Arctic, where the two
Evans� shortly afterwards arrived, and subsequently Mr Hart.  Talk in-
cidental, exchanged addresses. �Arthur Evans, Wellington Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham.�.  Steam tug arriving we quit, short farewell, and off.
Parted with Mr Hart, called unsuccessfully at Spottiswoode�s, then to
Canal Street.     At Supper, Homer Hall informeth me, he, on Tuesday
next designeth returning for a weeks stay at his home, Byron, Genesee
county, State of New York, also suggesteth I had �better come with him�
adding that I shall see Niagara &c.  Perfectly aghast at the good-
nature of such an invite was I, and asked him what the devil he could
see in me to offer it. Says that $20 would clear expenses.  Told him
I�d think it over, whether I�d a right to accept.  Went down town to
Era Office. Got $5 more paid.  Talk with Picton in his snuggery for an
hour or twain, then out, lager beer imbibition opposite, and anon at
the Saint Charles�, with a posse of his acquaintances who collared him
in Broadway.  Home by 1.
  26. Sunday. In Halls room awhile. Barth called, and we took
a Broadway and Bowery walk together.  Afternoon he, I and Homer
Hall crossed to Hoboken, along the Elysian Fields & to the Shades.
Imbibed and then a rapid return about sunset, meeting Mason by
the way.   Evening, Mr Hall the Elder, Homer, Cross, Barth
and afterwards Charley and Mason in our room.  Barth fighting
his battles o�er again to the delectation of Mr Hall and others.
Charley reporteth of his brothers horrific appearance, natheless antici-               
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