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Text for Page 138 [11-22-1859]

most incessantly, evenings and all, 
on my various employments.     Now for Items.
  This day, at the Post-Office I got a �Ban-
bury Guardian� containing the following:

[enclosed newspaper clipping]
  Oct. 23, at Bloxham, in the 80th year of his age, Mr. William
Bezley.  He breathed his last in the blessed hope and immortality
trusting to the mercy of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

  The last letter I had from my mother, dated
Oct 26, contains news of two other deaths; the
first her uncle Thomas Fielder, aged 85;
the second her brother William�s wife.   He, with
his old wife, had been confined to his chamber
for years, almost bed-ridden.     He was like
his sister, my old grandmother.  I remember he
never talked in over friendly manner of my grand-
father, would broach small matters of objection
in my mothers presence, years after the object
of them was dead and gone.    I, always having
great reverence for my grandfather, used to
be awed and disturbed by this.            My
aunt Mrs William Butler, of Guildford, I
knew but little of, and didn�t like.   She was
sister to John Mapleson the husband of my
aunt Annie, the �cupper to her Majesty�, the
white-teethed, whiskered, moustached, grinning,
dandaical villain, who struck and ill-used his
kind, handsome wife, who was guilty of the hor-
riblest sensualism, who has squandered what
money of hers he could lay his hands on and               
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