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Text for Page 140 [11-22-1859]

the wife ruled.  He though far from
wanting intellect, was over kind.      They
did the stuck-up business in Guildford gene-
rally.           Mrs B. didn�t prepossess me 
in her favor when I saw her in England, 
on the occasion of my last visit.     Said she
�Now if you can only keep him from getting
married and get the girls married � � or
something to that effect.   I daresay I have
chronicled it.      This is the only incident I
have to identify my late aunt with.
  Another mortuary item in my mother�s let-
ter.    Parkins� wife is dead.   �Was a great
sufferer� � �happy release � writes my mother.
Used to get drunk so that Parkins kept his
collar-key in his pocket.    She had been a 
housemaid or cook in the house where his pren-
tice or journeyman days had passed.   He was
foolish enough to translate fornication into
matrimony and paid the penalty for it, all
his life long.    Like James Gardner of Ban-
bury, father of the Peter, I met at Paris,
Canada.           More English items.   Mrs Bou-
tcher has returned to her St Martine Le Grand
tavern, a poorer woman. �The man that took
it turned out a rogue. �  My mother with Rosa
and Sarah Ann Bolton have done a little rus-
tication at Ramsgate; the girls remained a               
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