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Text for Page 144 [11-22-1859]

quarters for three days last week,
ending on Saturday.     He appeared at our
supper table on Thursday, rather drunk,
in high spirits and handsomish.     Adjourning
to Bob Gun�s room subsequently, Giles, Tracy
and presently Ledger and Abrahams dro-
ped in.    Over some abominable whiskey �
Gun got 6 bottles of it from an advertiser, 
presenting me with one, of which I didn�t
drink a drop � they had a regular Bohe-
main evening talking of nothing but spreeing,
drunkenness and bawdry.   I spent an hour
and a half studying it.      Cahill got intoxi-
cated with fatally eager celerity, when his con-
versation was nothing but obscenity, folly,
blasphemy and stories of past mis-doings.
Arnold his chair tilted against the wall,
cigar in mouth, his face flushed with the
afternoon�s potations, did his share of
laughing and talking.    He and Cahill
alluded again and again to Shepherd�s 
returning to New York to find his mother
and sister dead, characterizing it as �a bloody
lark� and laughing incoherently.   This was
done half out of bravado, half out of liquor.
Brothel adventures were narrated, without number.
The last time Arnold was in town he lost
his hat under a sofa in one of these places, said               
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