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Text for Page 147 [11-22-1859]

Cahill and Gun have visited their
former mistresses recently, on one occasion
taking with them Billington.     This evening
Cahill talking incoherently of being remonstrated
in his former position and ousting �the b____
with the hemorrage of the lungs � � Sears.
  All of the party but Giles went to this and
other brothels, this night.     When I returned
from a brief visit to Mrs Wall, her mother
and sister � to take her husbands letter
to her � I found only Giles, who subsequently
slept with Bob Gun.        Cahill returned
with Arnold, at about 3 A. M. and sang
snatches of bawdry on getting to bed, which pro
voked remonstrance on the part of Mrs
Kinnie in the adjoining room.    She knocked
with her knuckles on the door, when Arnold
shouted �Come in! why don�t you come
in?� &c.              Apropos of this woman, she
and her husband are deservedly unpopular in
the house, and she hates me like thunder.
I had a row with her about Cahill�s smoking
in his room.    She attempted a jobation at me
on the subject over the dinner table, when I
made short work of it and have cut her dead,
turning my shoulder towards her, ever since.
In fact I�ve so completely ignored her existence
(its easy enough with one of her stamp) as               
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