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Text for Page 043 [01-26-1851]

              pateth his recovery.   Charley hath been in close attendance on him for the
last two days, nor has he been here since then.   I  �conclude to go to
Byron� with Homer Hall, and now sit, all along, having drawn �some�
at 1 o�clock scoring up Diary that the morrow may be employed in making
ready.  To see Niagara, that I have so longed for, and so unexpectedly.
I can�t resist it, and may never have such a chance again.
    � Among other things much wrong in thought have I done William
Barth.  His heart is not corrupt, his affections intact, and if during
the strange reckless life he has lead for so long sensual indulgences have
been the only ones available is it so strange that he should grasp them?
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out] 					I feel somewhat of the old
warm boy feeling of friendship for him, much more ^|than somewhat| much more � now.
  27. Monday.  Drawing all the morning.  Mr Hart called.  Afternoon down
town, meeting Mr Royal outside the door, on issuing forth, who walked with me.
To Andersons, to Genins, then to Mr Alcocks, where I saw Joe, Mr Greatbatch
and their boss, and obtained promise of Joe�s carpet bag for the evening.  Parted with
Mr Royal at foot of Canal.  Remained in doors during the rest of the day. Mr 
Hart, Dillon and Joe calling.   Trip deferred.
  28. Tuesday. Down town leaving note at Genins.  Rest of the day at home.
Drawing during the evening.   Wrote a letter to George Bolton.
  29. Wednesday. Drawing all day.  Mr Hart called in the morning. Homer
Hall off for the country, giveth me address, and relyeth on seeing me there when I
will � he himself intendeth travelling other were, at present.  Hall the elder brother
has a Chinese servant in the house, slim young fellow, dark complexion, hair-twisted
into a knot on his head.
  30. Thursday.  Drawing during the morning.  In the afternoon to Genins
Then, intent on hunting up old Collinson crossed to Jersey City, called on his whilome               
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