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Text for Page 148 [11-22-1859]

not even to think of her.    The fellows say
she scowls hatred at me behind my pretty broad
back and I know she pumps the servants
about and lies to them respecting me.   A black
haired, deformed, dwarfish luring woman, who
raddles her old face with rouge so that the dullest
sighted can�t avoid perceiving it, who swears at
her husband, has furious rows with him, keeps
the Biddies whole mornings about her selfish necessi-
ties and spends a third of her time in the water-
closet, the key of which she has stolen.    We call
her the Peri of the Privy.        Several times she
has kept this cabinet d�aisance locked for three
days together, partly for her own delightful ne-
cessities, partly by way of annoyance to our party.
I ended this summarily by an intimation that
I should break the door open � in which Mrs
Bowley authorized.       The Doctor, the Peri�s
owner, has got sent to Coventry in consequence
of his carpings at the woman.   He�s one of Swift�s
nice men with nasty ideas, prone to try sarcasm
on those who can�t hit back, when he�s mildly
drawn enough.     Ordinarily too civil by half.
  Some four or five young men boarders
have just left.    Indeed many changes have pas-
sed unchronicled.   First Le Blond � the man
with the watchman�s rattle laugh � left.   More recent-
ly, Banker, a good-humored man in a black               
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