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Text for Page 149 [11-22-1859]

wig, who is getting out a Sewing
Machine, has travelled over-land to Cali-
fornia, goes to hear Cora Hatch�s rot and
Chapin�s sermons.    He�s something of a friend
to little Miss Maguire, and I like him on
account of his good humor.     Johnson � an
acquaintance of Wall�s, (who didn�t report too
favorably of him) � is one of the five ex-boar-
ders.     He was �clerk� or salesman in a clothing
store, as are two thirds of ^|the| young fellows you
encounter in boarding-houses.        I can�t say I
admire their general characteristics.      They
read little and that little hardly above the
Ledger literature, they are generally on the
Herald side of public questions, they play billiards,
they drink and they whore.    Chiefly they believe 
in money-making and look forwards to traf-
fic as the nobles of human objects.   Seldom
do you hear a manly, an individual remark
from them.     Certain thefts in the house expe-
dited their departure, overcoats &c were
missing.     Mrs B. suspects one of the party,
I know him and think it not unlikely.
The man�s in the house now.      We have
other woman boarders.    A Miss Trank,
seamstress or something of the sort, has super-
seded little Miss Maguire in sharing Mrs Pal-
mer�s room, next to mine.   Miss Trank               
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