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Text for Page 154 [11-29-1859]

some suspected, but nothing was said
openly, only to our landlady.     As afore written
most of them left the house.   Four days ago
a boarder in a small, adjoining room (whither
Defby had no business to go)  missing a
shirt, went into the theif�s room and found
him abed with it on.    He d____d him a
little, demanded restitution and told the folks
at breakfast.     Nevertheless thief had the brass
to appear at his meals throughout that day,
to address and converse with the weak Phillips
unchecked, to spend the evening in the parlor
with the other folks, and finally to depart
next afternoon.     Billington, it appears, went
out with him, just after breakfast.        Both he
and Morris talk pity of the fellow.     I think
the pity lies in the direction of the honest woman
who, working hard to gain a living, loses three
or four paying boarders by the advent of this
sneaking hound.       I hate scoundrels, for their
existence means injury and injustice to innocent
people.       I was on the look out for a chance of
Derby�s addressing me, when I would first
have [stamed?] him dead in the face with as much
insult as I could put in it and, on his repeat-
ing his words, or resenting my reception of �em,
I�d have told him what he was in the hardest
kind of English, even if there�d have been a               
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