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Text for Page 156 [11-29-1859]

captious objection to Mrs Edwards way
of wearing her hair!     He did the same, with
an altogether objectionable and unendurable degree
of presumption, about Eliza.    I thought of
the girl�s sweet, clear face and let out.   Less
than a week, ago, too, he goes and wants to take
her to the opera, saying devil a word about it
to me until I had learnt the rejection of the pro-
posed at the house.    I told him that they girls
weren�t accustomed to such save with old friends
and he wasn�t one.           Good intentioned no doubt,
but Haney and I object to having the fatherly, 
confidential, friendly, amiable business done with
any of these girls, nor are they the sort to suf-
fer it.      He was not justified in this advance,
on the strength of a gratuitous opera-ticket which
he got from the Courier, indirectly through Haney
and my positions� on it.      I took the girls� tickets
tother night, without throwing my company in.  Mor-
ris has been doing a little of the amiable business with
Miss Maguire, as with Lizzie Petit.  Latter�s
fair game, enough and won�t get any hurt from
it, but t�other little girl is a little serious and
sad about it, hopes, I can see, that something
may come of it.     She got jealous about his pre-
sumed going to see Lizzie.      One wet night,
when Morris and Billington were going to the
theatre, I talking with the girls in the parlor,               
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