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Text for Page 158 [11-29-1859]

culty and spent the afternoon with him
in a front basement, where he and his wife,
the two children and a nurse were, the former
�nagging� him a little, as of old.    Little Annie
Giles, that pretty, healthy-looking child! � is
dead, of scarlet fever.                      A ladle-full
of gossip derived from Mrs Potter, one Sunday
morning, when I chanced to call, not finding
Haney at home.     Mrs Gouverneur is married
to a Mr Griffin, brother to Julia and Weighty,
and landlord of the Niagara hotel I stopped
at last summer.    She has been there all the sea-
son, flirting with the entire village, even with her
coachman and waiters, and vampiring Miss
Cooper after her old fashion.       The newly-wed
couple are in town, at a hotel, and Griffin
has reported himself to Mrs Pot; not so his
wife, who owes a bill there for her retained
rooms and Rawson�s feed, and of course dis-
putes it.    Mrs Griffin took her husband to the 
clothing store where Eldredge has employment
and made Mr G try on �about forty coats� until
he told her he had selected the one he liked,
bidding her do the like.    She goes to Niagara
to live at the hotel.    May has been made over to
the Gouverneurs.     Gladdy (who was certainly Gou-
verneur�s bastard, while Gill was living, hence
the money bequeathed to him) has assumed the               
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