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Text for Page 159 [11-29-1859]

Gouverneur name for the future, and
is at school.                 (Did I put
down that Mrs G. was engaged to a French-
man at the 14th St Boarding-House? as
also to another man, a notorious scamp who
figured disgracefully in a scandalous low case.)
  Rawson lives and loafs at Potter�s still.
He has overmuch of his mother in him and I
was a Nass to opine hopefully of such a breed.
Old Mr Eldredge is residing at Mrs P�s with
his son and daughter.   He has some civic em-
ployment; has given up farming.  The old
lady will soon rejoin him.   They hope, in
time, to resume their former position on the
island.        The elder Pounden�s live in the
house also, Mrs P supporting her Yahoo, who 
does not now get drunk, and appears only
tacitly offensive. (I met the two coming
home from church, subsequently, this same
Sunday morning.)     Leslie as usual; on
some other matrimonial �lay�; said to be
negociating for a house ^|cage| to put the coming
bird in.    Marry! whether he�ll conclude
it is too delicate, that it may moult and
die, or possess exuberant vitality enough
to peck at him, and so get scared off the 
bargain, who knows?
  Mort Thomson has made over his child �               
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