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Text for Page 161 [11-29-1859]

� several attempts � to become a tragic actress,
but despite any amount of puffery on the part
of fellows who knew her (or wanted to know
her in a scriptural sense) failed.   She had
money and aspired for �fame� only.   She lived
with a musician, subsequently went to Paris
and returned with an illegitimate child, the
result of a liason with a young Frenchman.
Affecting the Bohemienne and Georges Sand
business she acknowledges the maternity, and
is the centre of a circle of the Clapp style of
men.      Possessing some intellect and ability
as her writings attest, she is I suppose
bedeviled to all intents and purposes � self
outlawed from decent womanhood.   The Briggs�es
of the press and others praise her on the princi-
ple that its always safe to praise a woman. I
have heard of an old editor who made this a
rule through life � never to write a line against
a woman � and said he found it pay.
�Getty Gay� has still more of the core of bitch
in her, as Smollet�s Trunnion would say.
By Arnold�s account she adds direct prosti-
tution to her �literary � pursuits, taking rides in
omnibuses of afternoons and Broadway prome-
nades to pick up $5 with men attached.
He, Arnold, visited some female of his ac-
quaintance who resided at the same house with               
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