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Text for Page 165 [11-29-1859]

day.        The fellows rather gloried in it
than otherwise (barring Wood who was a little
shy about the risk of appearing in the papers) &
the affair afforded a day�s gossip throughout
Bohemia.               O�Brien has been in town
some weeks, is apparently a hanger-on of
Bateman�s, a theatrical man who once had a
lawsuit with Barnum about the �Bateman Chil-
dren,� played in by Matilda Heron.   Sam
Cowell the vocalist is Mrs B�s brother.  Ca-
hill, Arnold, Bob Gunn and others were intro
duced to Cahill, one night, round at the French
theatre.     I suppose O�Brien does puffs, cor-
respondence, what not for Bateman.    Cahill
fell in with O�B one night, so helplessly drunk
that he took him to his hotel.               I went
to see Sam Cowell one night, taking with me
Morris and Billington.    In the boxes there sat
the Mrs Norris heretofore spoken of; Morris poin-
ted her out to me.        She had a commonish-look-
ing moustached young man with her; was her-
self better looking than depicted in photograph.
  I don�t think I ever put down Seymour�s
domestic relations, as let out by Cahill, when
his cousin, the obnoxious Seymour, the engraver
was lurking about the Pic office some two
months ago.    Charles Seymour lives with a Ger-               
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