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Text for Page 167 [11-29-1859]

papers, and once a �boy� on �Punch� in
its early days.     It was done on the model
of the Yatman hoax, though, I take it, less
justifiable.                 Mrs Wall, her mother,
sister and sister�s child are in Boston, visit-
ing Alf Waud.  They have given up their rooms
at the over-the-way boarding-house and design
staying with Alf till Wall�s return from the
south, in about two months.   He, Wall, does
not know but that Alf is Mary�s husband.
  December 12.  Monday.   After a week
of comparative leisure, involving writing to
and receiving a letter from Hannah, as also
to my mother.    Hannah�s, an extra-one, writ-
ten on her birthday, and like all of hers, con
breathing the very soul of love and tenderness, has
an item or two of news in it.   Her last infor-
med me that sister Charlotte has another baby,
as that little Rosa Bolton talked of crossing the
Atlantic, in spring to visit her brother George,
which I take to be a fetch to hurry up Char-
ley in the matter of marriage.       He is wroth with
the Davids� couple for cackling slander about
his summer jaunts with little Rosey.     This Da-
vids, William Bolton�s former crony, married
a Banbury woman of most unequivocal character,
hence the proclivity to lying and impure thought of               
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