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Text for Page 045 [01-31-1851]

              as if built a week ago, so bright and new, and clean, and well treed  is it.
Passing over a wooden bridge, where every plank creaked as the ice work webbing it
beneath gave way, left the pretty city with the frozen, and snow covered river, the
boats, the distant houses and straggling streets behind, and a brisk walk onwards.
Beds of tall reeds and frozen morass on my right, and farther on Newark Bay.
On my left, open and flat country, here and there a few cedars.  Wind strong
and fiercely cold, now and then a pedestrian would meet me with his frosty ears hidden
in handkerchief, � ere long I was fain to copy them.  Passed the Hackensack with
its long, queer bridges, and ere long neared the steep rocks on each side of the rail
road, familiar to my Jersey days.    Arrived at the end of my eight mile walk
at 12, called in at Ben Haun�s liquor store and was served by the boy Rosely
to a glass of ale, called at Tysoe�s, left address of Collinson, and over to New 
York to dinner.   Drawing during the evening, during which Dillon Mapother called.
  1. Saturday.  In-doors all day, drawing head gear for Genin.
  2. Sunday.   Tailoring, reading and conversing with Alf Waud all the morning
Afternoon reading.   Evening, drest, and a walk alone down Broadway, called on
Mr Richardson, and sate half and hour with him and his wife, then returned
to Alf Waud.   Charley comes home, glass of ale and we talk of boy adventures
school-pranks and the like till 1.
  3. Monday.  Mr Hart calling, with him and Alf Waud down town. A
call at Andersons, another at Genins, parted with Mr Hart, walk on the 
pleasant Battery, and return along the North River.   Drawing in company
with Alf the remainder of the day.  Charley with us part of the afternoon. Alf
reading the Todgerian part of Chuzzlewit in the evening.     An half hours visit
from Mr Cross, who coucheth with Waud for the present.
  4. Tuesday. Drawing head gear all day.               
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