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Text for Page 168 [12-12-1859]

others.          Talk of trips to London
and counter-visits to Oxfordshire.            Yester-
day, I spent as follows.   Went to Haney�s by
1; a dull day threatening snow.        Sat conver-
sing in his spacious room, atop of the house, oppo-
site the Roman Catholic church.      First we tal-
ked about the Irving Mag, which he and Smith
publish in a week or more.   I�ve written an   In
Memorium anent its involuntary sponsor�s recent
death, for which Haney, this morning, paid me $12.
Then about Jim and Fanny.          Haney goes to the
house still, detesting to do so and avoiding seeing
Fanny as much as possible.       There have been rows
about it, as also a tremendous one about Jim�s
visiting his mother, who for two or three weks has
been staying at Edwards�, but recently returned
to the country.     Fanny�s position is now that �every
body hates her.�   Jim is something of a prisoner,
every visit abroad involving a fearful row.   Mort
Thomson is out west, doing a highly successful
lecture season.       Comparing notes about Mort�s
affair with Grace,  Haney and I made ot out 
that it must have commenced within something
like a fortnight of poor �Chips� death.     A Minne-
sota friend of the Thomsons�, a lady, when on
a visit to them, gave Mort a rowing about the 
indecency of the thing.    Wells has come out to
the extent of asserting to Haney that Mort is inca-               
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