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Text for Page 170 [12-12-1859]

interior of the state, whither he went for
the purpose of sketching John Brown�s funeral,
for a newly-started illustrated paper.    Haney
came in anon.      I went to Chapins� with Mr
Edwards and Matty, returning to the house sub-
sequently. (It was pleasant to be singing out of
the same hymn book with Matty.)   Morris drop-
ped in about 10 � and we came away together.
  In Bob Gun�s room I found him, Cahill and
the printer McCulloch, the two latter drunk, the
former comparatively recovered from the same condi-
tion.     I had looked in during the afternoon and
found Cahill, Corbin, Shepherd and Mc Culloch
at cards � euchre � Gun being drunk on the bed, in
the next room.      There�s been enough of this, of
late, and to spare.                On the previous evening,
at about 12, I found Cahill, Corbin, Billing-
ton, Miss Fagan and Mrs Boley in Bob Gun�s
room, he having gone out.       There were whiskey,
rum, claret and cards on the table.       Cahill very
drunk, Billington rather so, sitting on the sofa
with his arm round the Irish �young lady�s�
waist, and a pipe in his mouth.    Mrs B appear-
ed to have just come in.      Corbin is in town hunt-
ing after a runaway negress servant, who has
robbed him and his wife of upwards of $70 worth
of clothes &c, hocking it as he sat at dinner, 
and going off by the last boat for New York.               
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