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Text for Page 171 [12-12-1859]

Shepherd, �Daisy,� as they call him has got
a situation in an insurance company, cutting
�literature� and writing stories for the �Sun,�
for the present.          Vananda, the miserable,
drunk-sodden scribbler, whom I think I have
introduced once in this diary, is dead. (He
commenced the story for the Pic which Cahill
finished.)       Died of fits � liquor, left a desti-
tute wife.                      One day last week � Thurs-
day, I think � Haney gave a little �swarry�
in his room, sardines, ale and smoke.   Present
Jack Edwards, Charley Honeywell, Ed Wells,
Knudsen, Morris, I, and towards the tail
Of the night Hayes the scene painter.   Talk
about the pantomime to be done at Edwards
on Christmas night, deciding on title &c,
then songs and converse.    Young Honeywell
improves apace, yet I don�t think he�s as high
as pretty Matty�s heart yet.    He�s at the house
as much as usual, the girl talks friendly
and kindly towards him, he is less by her
side and thats how things stand at present.
Matty shows kindly, now, to everybody.   Sally
and Haney converse but seldom, she is prone to
little defiant utterances generally.    I fancy there�s
some rivalry of feeling between the sisters, and
one evening as I sat watching Matty at work
on a patchwork quilt, Sally being engaged on               
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