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Text for Page 172 [12-12-1859]

a gorgeous jacket for the Fatima of the
coming �Barbazure or the Baffled Buffer of the
Bosphorus � (my title) � one evening I say, Sally
made some remark advising me to take �easy
things to understand � to Matty, the which had
been provoked by any thing.       Haney talks to
Matty and Eliza, most, I think with the former.
He might perchance, like Romeo, drop a Rosaline
for a Juliet, albeit he don�t admit the probability
now of his finding a wife in that family.   Matty
has a soft heart and the recent explanations and
half explanations have touched her gentler feelings,
I think.        She didn�t know or think that grown
men could care so much for the regards of �silly
girls� and would make up for past slights.
Now God bless all these girls! and bring them
to happy anchorage in his own good time! How
home-like does the pleasant basement room look
on these evenings! papa Edwards smoking his pipe
in his big arm chair, Mrs E coming down stairs
from her long days work in the shop and taking
her side of the fire-place, the girls at needle-
work or the piano.      Going away from such
a picture through the chill streets to my board-
ing house attic, sets me thinking, thinking, think-
ing of Hannah and the home I may have some
day.            Haney shows kindly and bravely
withal; has stood what must have been a               
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