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Text for Page 173 [12-12-1859]

bitter disappointment well.   I wish
Sally had loved him with all my heart.
Maybe the girl does too, now.         It�s
these silent grapplings with and wringing the
neck of some master passion which are the true
struggles of life.    Many a man gets a terrible
heart wound which bleeds within, no one marking
or suspecting it!      To give up the hopes of love
and happiness you had hoarded up so long and
so dearly! to keep on the dreary round of duties
like a man � this is something! well for him
who can do it.       Lamb�s life was one of the
truest of heroisms that I know of.   And
he had loved some sweet Alice W___n,
  �In the green lanes of pleasant Hertfordshire.�
  What wouldn�t one give to know the particulars
of the sweet, sad love of Charles Lamb?
  This day, December 12, passed in doing
chores, writing up the last dozen pages, an af-
ternoon journey down town &c.        To Street
and Smiths, then Post Office, then Pic.   Cahill
drunkenly asleep, Gun and printers wanting copy.
Sat down and wrote a couple of pages, then up
town.     Cahill had been at Crook and Duff�s
with Bilington, both getting more or less inebria-
ted.            Phonography � the first time for
how long! � for an hour or two in the evening.
I project, as heretofore, devoting a bit of               
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