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Text for Page 174 [12-12-1859]

each day to it.   I have leisure now.
  13.  Tuesday.  Commenced story, with in-
definite intent to try the Atlantic, Harpers or
All the Year Round.   Down town after dinner with
Morris.     Returning alone, an hour and a half
later, overtook Sally and Matty, and walked
up town, first beside the former and then on Ser-
rell�s coming up and addressing us, beside Matty.
Sally talked a little pins-and-needleish, but plea-
sant withal.    They had passed Fanny Fern in
going down-town, with Grace.   The last had slight-
ly acknowledged, the former cut them dead.    Matty
wouldn�t have it that Grace has any pretensions to
good looks.    We parted at their door step.       Evening
[phonography] and story-writing till eleven.    Bob Gun and
Cahill didn�t get up to-day till 2 P. M. and
are a little on their way to drunkenness to-night.
I looked in at Gun�s room half an hour ago, 
found Cahill on the sofa, Gun and Billington
at cards, none of them too sober.
  14.  Wednesday.  In doors all the snowy, windy,
blusterous day.   [Phonography] and writing.  Stopped in till
near 10 at night, then out and called at the Ed-
wards�.    Within half an hour the family returned
from the theatre, whither the girls had gone at Knud
sen�s invitation, Haney, Nast and Jack being of
the party.      Walked to 16th street with Haney,
home by midnight.             Gun and Cahill didn�t               
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