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Text for Page 175 [12-14-1859]

get to bed till 5 or 6 this morning and
consequently rose at 1; the former stopping in-
doors all day, the latter coming home drunk
again in the early part of the evening.      He
has been more or less intoxicated since Satur-
day.     In the Monday�s debauch, when at
Crook and Duf�s, Sol Eytinge, accidentally
or intentionally approached Cahill from behind,
looking so savage that Bob Gun stood prepa-
red to interfere to ward off the apprehended
attack.        Sol has talked around promiscuously
of licking Cahill and is evidently maliciously
disposed towards him.      Doubtless Allie blows
the fire at home.                Sol�s brother Harry,
of unequivocal reputation as a gambler and a
libertine went over to Brooklyn to visit his
sister-in-law, in Sol�s absence.    From his never
repeating his call it is pretty surely conjectured
his object was a Phallic one.     I trow that
young Mosaic-looking �Clare� is bound to Allie
by similar unmentionable relations.   Like Rous-
seau�s odious �maman� she would know that
no other attachment could �make sicker.�     A
nauseous business generally and individually.
What a cheerful time Sol must have of
it, domestically!          There was a certain
music master, or German tutor (for Allie
must needs expend some of Sol�s earnings in               
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