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Text for Page 176 [12-14-1859]

the affectation of learning German once)
whom �Mrs Eytinge� accused of an attempt upon
her fly-blown chastity.               How inseperable
this sort of charge is from this sort of woman!
Mrs Heylyn used to find out that all the men
she was brought into contact with wanted ��,
that all the women were ��.   Welden�s wret-
ched wife tattled ditto, lying withal.  Mrs
Kidder (the d____dest instance mentionable) the
same, to an extreme degree.                   Did I ever
chronicle the detail of the split between Sol
and Haney?       Being over at Mort Thomson�s
a year and a half ago, there was ^|before| talk ^|the former| of
�Mrs Eytinge� being expected, to accompany the
Thomson�s to the theatre.         Haney extemporized
an excuse for leaving by saying that he and Sol
were not friends, just then.       Something was re
marked about Allie.   �Mr Haney never says
anything against anybody!� commented Mrs Thom-
son m�re.         When the story; came, as of course
it did,  to Sol�s ears, this remark was put into
Haney�s mouth.    They met (next morning, I
think) on the ferry-boat; Sol �was mad�,
a few words passed, they separated and have
never spoken since.
  15.  Thursday.  Down town in the afternoon.
Went in the evening to Clinton Hall to hear Fry�s
lecture on the �City of New York.�   Digressive,               
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