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Text for Page 177 [12-15-1859]

jerky and not very satisfactory, the
man could have done much better had he cared
to think over what he was going to say.   Frank
Wood, House and Thompson, �publisher� for the
fortcoming �Vanity Fair,� were present.   Le
Jeune Homme Pauvre came eagerly splurging
in, past me, to a front seat and was called
back to a side one, by his companions.   I heard
his laugh at Fry�s witticisms, it was demon-
strative, aggressive, rampant, with a strong
suggestion of asinine he-hawing in it.    We were
all together awhile at the end of the lecture.
Parton was there and Fanny.     I  Jim spoke
to me; we stood conversing, Fanny �tother side
of him until Fry came, when she seized on
him, anon diverging to House.     Wilbour was
present, too.          I went out with the Vanity
Fairians, the prominent two of which were ram-
pant, talking Bohemianisms and water about
taking drinks and �Jane�s� � whither they seemed
bound to, where and whatever it may be.  Young
Wood is a study just now.   His affectations
of raffishness, of being �on town�, a �newspaper
man � and editor &c, are immense.    To judge
from the manner in which these �Bohemians�,
(who do so glory in that appellation) write and
talk, one would suppose their lives the most
free and easy, philosophic, devil-may-care,               
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