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Text for Page 046 [02-05-1851]

              5. Wednesday.  Drawing headgear all day.  Bit of a run to Fulton
Street, at sunset, through muddy, sloppy, dank London atmosphere.
  6. Thursday.  In-doors all day, drawing some little, reading more, thinking
melancholic and matagrabolized.
  7. Friday. Down town during the morning, called at Park Place, at Genin�s,
at Holden�s Magazine Office, where I had a chat with Fowler, to the Era Office.
Then to Putnam�s, to purchase certain numbers of Leigh Hunts journal. [word crossed 
[words crossed out] First by him was I inducted to the dainties that are bred in a
book.   Strangely pleasant is it to think that I, walking along through the
Broadway of New York should be delightedly reading the writings of the man,
whose �Indicator� pleased my mothers girlhood. [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[line crossed out]
  8. Saturday.  In doors, drawing all day, till evening, when leaving Charley,
his friend Fogg and Waud, ran down town, and through the intensely cold night
to the Era Office. Returned shortly, and joining the trio, sate indulging in
harmony and bibition till about 12, when Charley and friend Fogg turn in &
I do the same.
  9. Sunday.  To the little Universalist Church, and a sermon of Chapin in
the morning.  Afternoon in-doors, save, at sunset a brief Broadway stroll with
Mr Cross.  Smoke issuing from the rear of Stewards palace-store a huge posse
of firemen out in a twinkling, but there was no occasion for their services.
Evening in-doors, with Barth, (who was present all day)  Mr Cross, Mr Hall the
elder and Alf Waud. Ale and talk.
  {10. Monday.     Head-gear from Knights Old England these two days. Nor
  11.  Tuesday}     did I stir out if I recollect right. Mr Hart and
Dillon in the country, I anticipating making a days visit to them on Thurs-
day. A visit from Mr Johns on Monday. Still in New York & doing well.               
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