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Text for Page 178 [12-15-1859]

rollicking, friendly, unenvious existences
conceivable!       Not a word of the dreary dis-
sipation, the getting in debt, the bad blood,
spites, bickerings and general raffishness of
it!     Bah!                Dropped in at Edwards�
for ten minutes, then home.        Haney & Co
rehearsing �Barbazure� at Mort Thomson�s house,
he still out west.
  16.  Friday.  Down town all the morning,
work-hunting &c, sans luck.   Drawing.
  17.  Saturday.  A wet miserable ay.  Only
out in the afternoon.   Frank Pounden up.  He
out of a situation.
  18.  Sunday.  In doors till evening; to Cha-
pin�s, then to Edwards�, with young Honeywell
whom I met on leaving the church.  Haney, Nast
Knudsen and one of the Pillows, (Parton�s brothers
in law or half-brothers) there.    Talking with the
girls, Haney mostly to Matty.    Morris came
anon.   With him to Haney�s, on leaving, I wan-
ting to get a book.
  19.  Monday.  Work.  Down town in the after
noon and returning was accosted by and walked
some blocks with Watson � Watson the long, lank
vulturous ex-forger, ex-engraver, ex-dealer in jewel-
ry and �confidence�-operator, ex-convict and present
story-writer &c for Harpers Mag and Weekly.
He more than hinted that his ex-mistress, now               
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