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Text for Page 179 [12-19-1859]

Mrs Sol Eytinge would return to him
at his whistle, says she must tire of any
man and will risk privation and misery for
the gratification of her humor.   Says furthermore
that he believes a crisis is approaching in Sol�s
domestic arrangements.    Adds that he himself
has been so threatened that he is prepared to kill
any man who attacks him.    Talk probably; I
question his courage.          Work from 7 till
midnight, copying out story to try �Once a Week�
with.   Morris around as usual.      Did the play-
bill for our Christmas festivities this morning, a-
mong other things.   Billington is, I think, some-
what exercised about his not having attained
the entree of the Edwards�, accorded to Morris,
especially with respect to the coming pantomime.
He would have borne me company to church, last
night, possibly expecting I should induct him into
the Edwards� pew, when a presentation might
take place, but I quietly dodged it.   To day he
said frankly, he �wanted to see that play� and
inquired �couldn�t I ring a fellow in?� I refer-
red him to Haney.       Jack didn�t form favorable
impressions of Billington, said he guessed he
was a cheap kind of Yankee, the which is true
enough.       Had I been Haney I wouldn�t have
taken Cahill to Edwards�.               Corbin here
this evening in Bob Gun�s room, very drunk.  He               
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