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Text for Page 180 [12-19-1859]

went out with Cahill and Gun to visit Led-
ger.     A queer, red-faced Engishman that last,
one of his eyes, as Cahill says, constructed on the
revolving light principle.   Has been in the Spanish
Americas and where not; goes in a day or two
to Toronto.                     That Becket (or rather
Patrick Bellew, which was his real name) that
stalwart, masculine, demi-civilized, ex-Australian
pugilistic, pipe-smoking, rat-and-terrier-loving,
abrupt-speaking ex-overseer of Central-park la-
borers, he who risked a fight with Aaron Jones
the pugilist by insulting him at Crook and Duffs,
Bellew being drunk at the time and Mort Thom-
son who knew Jones preventing the row; he who
voted at the polls, having no earthly right to do so,
and stuffed a handful of tickets into the ballot-
box, the officials being too much afraid of him and
his attendant crowd of Irish Central-park labo-
rers, to remonstrate; he who got into fights about
the docks and elsewhere � this young man has
recently got married to a wealthy young-heiress
in England.        So Bellew says.   This Patrick
was the first person who let out definitely, that Bel-
lew himself was born in Ireland.

[enclosed newspaper clipping]
     Body of Mr. Campau Found.
	        DETROIT, Monday, Dec. 19, 1859.
  The body of J. Barnabas Campau, a prominent citi-
zen, whose mysterious disappearance nearly three
weeks ago caused great excitement, from the supposi-
tion of murder, was recovered from the river to-day,
unmarked by violence, and with his watch and valua-
bles left undisturbed.

I am afraid this 
must be one of my com-
panions in the Lake Su-
perior trip; he who did               
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