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Text for Page 181 [12-19-1859]

the honors of Detroit very generously, on
my return through that city.  The name is the same
though I believe I spelt it incorrectly at the time.
He was a �prominent citizen,� owning an island used
for fishing purposes.
  20.  Tuesday.  In doors all the drenching
dreary day, writing.  Haney came to supper.  Out
with him, Morris leaving us at the corner of Broad
way.    To a china-shop to look at a certain
punch-bowl he and the girls design purchasing for
a Christmas present to Mrs E.  then to the house.
We found Wells standing meekly at the basement
door, Sally and her father within.   The latter
is troubled with gravel and, now, looks sick and
much older, I talked awhile with him in the ab-
sence of the others.    Presently the three girls ap-
peared and went to work on a big quilt, the frame
occupying the major portion on the room.    They
sewed and Wells helped �em.          It was a pleasant
picture to turn out into the damp dreary night &
wet streets from, as we did in an hour, leaving
Wells, possibly mildly happy at our departure.   To
16th St with Haney.    He read to me a Christmas
poem he designs delivering, introducing the family
and guests, a pretty and touching thing, the best in
the rhyming way he has done, I think.   Then we
over a bottle of ale each and a pipe talked till mid-
night, of course on the inevitable topic.      He thinks               
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