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Text for Page 185 [12-20-1859]

ed in Heaven!         They can never appear
sweeter and dearer than memory conserves some
of them, God knows.
  21.  Wednesday.  Non mi recordo as to
details.   Down town once, in the morning, to
Courier Office.    Evening, I think, drawing, cut
for Picayune.      Didn�t go to bed till about 1 or
2, which habit I�ve got into, of late.
  22.  Thursday.  Drawings &c.     In the
evening with Phillips to the boarding-house opposite.
Three or four woman-boarders, one man, two
of the former showily handsome and got up to
kill, dark smooth hair, white shoulders
     �� and the demesnes that there adjacent lie�
&c, black velvet boddice or dark blue skirt &c
&c.   One of �em talked fearfully bad grammar.
  23.  Friday.   Writing, hard.   Courier article
and three or four for the Pic, at Bob Gun�s
request.     Corbin in his room.    Abed about 2.
  The first number of Vanity Fair is out; a
failure, the contents being miserable bosh generally.
That young man, its editor, is in pretty hands,
gets drunk every night, goes to brothels in company
with Arnold, is proud of familiarity with the in-
mates and often passes the night or part of it
in Arnold�s room, on the sofa.   A deboshed
young ass generally, crammed with the conceit
of �Bohemian � clique-ism, would be amusing but               
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