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Text for Page 186 [12-23-1859]

for his proclivity to vice, not uncommonly
the accompaniment of folly.    Here�s an exquisite
sample of him.          Scene, Crook and Duff�s
tavern, time mid-day.    Frank Wood loquitur.
�I always attach myself to one of the demi-monde
when I go to a ball!�  �Of course, my dear boy�
says O�Brien, ironically, �a man of the world like
you!�  Fancy a gawkyish, whiskerless young fellow,
six feet long, wearing a cap and cloak, so getting
off the first speech.            There�s a good deal of
a row about an epigram of Morris� on Clapp,
among the Clapp clique.    Here �tis, not over de-
cent but decidedly witty
        �Clapp slept with a Mercer Street Venus
                 Who d__nably treated the same,
           For she took off the head of his penis
                  And also the tail of his name!�
  Cahill, or rather Bob Gun got this printed on
cards and gave them away among the fellows. Gay-
ler, George Arnold &c affect anger at the fact
of printing, not the writing.     Its known who did
it, as Morris wrote it, first, in the Vanity Fair
Office and of course young men Wood cackled
about the authorship.      I have no sympathy with
the hideous little Gorilla, its subject, and think the
thing�s fair enough.     He has recently swindled some
other monied man into investing capital in the Sat-
urday Press; at least so Bob Gun says.               
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